Ashwin's Turtle Rescue Mission

Ashwin's dad has been transferred to Odisha. This news bothered him and his younger sister so much because he had to leave all his friends. He and his family moved to an apartment in Odisha, which was very near to Girimatha beach. Ashwin the 4th grader, learnt about the beach nearby he was so excited because he was very fond of the beach. He enjoyed it so much that, he would spend the whole day, collecting shells and making sandcastles and watching the waves wash them off.

A certain day in summer, he got a peculiar sight. Some patterned rocks were crawling. "What could it be?", he wondered. As he watched more keenly, he got the sight of a head, four stubby legs and a puny tail popping out of it! TURTLES! He was thunderstruck. Nothing could have fascinated him so much. His joy knew no bounds, as he shared it with his parents and sister, who joined him the next day. As days went by a few of his friends joined them. What a sight it was to see eggs of turtles buried in the seashore sand. A few days later, the eggs hatched, and baby turtles crept in the brown sea sand. Wow, it was nature at its finest!