Wishes From a Genie

have you ever wondered how nature feels? This story will tell you. This is the story of a little boy who found out that nature was talking to him! And also nature is going to gift him something or someone. Are you ready? Let's start. Once there was a boy named Rahul Singh.He loved nature and was heartbroken to see the deforestation around him,as he was a Himalayan boy. Rahul told his parents,Patrap and Nadia Singh,many times that he loved nature and he wanted deforestation to stop.But they said the goverment will take care. Rahul was an obedient and patient boy so he waited for many weeks, and finally after 4 weeks of waiting, he had enough and decided on his 7th birthday he would go to the government and complain.After a year it was Rahul's birthday. He celebrated in joy, but he couldn't forget his promise to nature. A day after his birthday he went to the government office on his bicycle. When he reached there, he announced: "Excuse me sir, I am Rahul Singh from the Himalayas and I have a complaint: I have seen many trees being cut down in my city, Itanagar and I humbly request you to stop this deforestration" "And what will happen if we do not?" asked the officer. "Human beings will go extinct" Said Rahul. "Hmmm" said the officer. "what you are saying is truly unbelievable. It won't happen." Rahul went home, disheartened. On the way he thought: 'I need a new plan to get rid of deforestration,but how?' He thought and thought but couldn't find a solution. He reached home and hugged a tree in his garden and with tears rolling down his cheeks,said: 'Oh my friend, I'm sorry I couldn't find anything to do for you,nobody is bothered about you, I feel so sad. I'm sorry.'Surprisingly the tree spoke to him and said: ' Do not worry my friend, I know you love me and I love you too, but you worry to much about me! Here take this'.He thew a magic bottle to the surprised Rahul."I wonder what is inside" wondered Rahul. "Maybe it will be a thousand flowers!" He rubbed the bottle excitedly. A puff of purple smoke appeared. What is Rahul seeing? Yes,it's a genie! The genie exclaimed:"I hear you are a friend of nature and you want to save it. Need some help?" " Yes please! said Rahul "My first wish is to remove waste from all grounds and waterbodies and be recycled." "Your wish is my command." He said. "Wish granted!" "My second wish is that trees are never allowed to be cut down."said Rahul. "Of course!" said the genie and snapped his fingers. "My last wish is most important of all" said Rahul. "All human beings must know the importance of nature and learn to care for it." "Alright" said the genie as he snapped his fingers. The Genie poofed out. And you know what? Nature did become alright...thanks to a boy and his wishes. THE END

518 words


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