once upon a time, there lived two sibilings named Lily and Jacob.Jacob was in twelfth grade and Lily was in sixth grade. Lily had bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks, blonde hair and red lips whereas Jacob had freckles and dark lips.They went to a school named St. John's school which was about a mile away from their home. Jacob used to go the the school by motorcycle and Lily went by bicycle ,as she was good-natured and was very keen to preserve the environment .She also knew a lot about the environment than Jacob.

One day, Lily tried to convince Jacob not to use motorcycle for short distances ,but he didn't pay attention and went to play football with his friends. Lily was not so happy with his brother's attitude. She, along with her friends, decided to form a club.They planned to make flyers to spread awareness on the increasing climate change & conduct sessions on saving the environment in their neighbourhood - such as , not using vehicles for short distance travel.

Jacob didn't like this. So, he hatched up a plan. At night , he went to a dump yard near by, in his motorcycle . He lit up fire using match stick . Soon, the whole garbage dump was on fire. He rode back home very fast so that he would not be caught .

Upon reaching home he removed his helmet but started to have shortness of breath. He literally crawled to his bed and laid down. He was breathing so loud that Lily woke up. She got out of bed and looked through the window ,but she could only see dark smoke everywhere. She quesioned Jacob and after a lot of struggle , he narrated the whole incident.

She said "I hope you have learnt a lesson , Jacob. A lot of pollution can cause climate change." "What's that?" Jacob asked. "Climate change is a change in the usual temperature of the earth." she replied . "Then what are the causes?" he asked.

She replied "The causes are:

Polluting the Earth

Leaving electrical appliances on all the time

Wasting water


Talking Trash

Cutting trees

Health and Safety Risks of Cutting Trees | The BCF Group

"Thanks Lily. Now could you please help me get those masks on the shelf. And I need some medicine too." said Jacob. But ,even after using the medicine and putting the masks, Jacob still had some breathing difficulty.

The next day, Lily told her parents all about the previous night incident. Their parents took Jacob to the hospital.Once they reached the hospital, Jacob felt a little scared. He thought that the doctor might give him a vaccine with a sharp syringe. But the doctor had laughing eyes , a big smile and was kind to him . So, he was sure that he wouldn’t get such a painful shot. And to his luck, the doctor only told him to use an inhaler everyday. He went back home happily and apologized to Lily again. He also told her that he would try and save earth to reduce climate change in whatever way he could. They all started working to save the neighbiorhood, with more efforts the city started to turn cleaner and greener.

Once they both grew up, Lily became a environmentalist and Jacob became a climate activist.

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