Save energy at home

Ramu and Somu are good brothers. One day Ramu and Somu went back to home from school. After reached their house, Ramu took bath and kept his belongings in his proper place. But Somu started to play with water and he didn't switch off the room light & fan. Ramu looked and told to Somu that Don't waste the water and electric energy.

The tap must be closed when we are not in use. Eventhough the shower is used to take bath, it waste the so much of water. So it is advised to use a bucket of water instead of it.

Eventhough the Wahing machine is the easiest way to wash our clothes, it is advisable to wash the clothes with water filled in the bucket and washed by hands. Also in the same way to wash our vehicles by water filled in the bucket. Also in the same way to wash our fruits and vegetables by water filled in the utensils. we can used these waste water also used for watering the plants. By following up, we can save water energy. We can also save water by rain water harvesting during monsoon season.

Not only saving water energy at home, we can save also electric energy at home. when we are leaving the room, we need to switch off the lights and fans.

Another way to save electric energy, all members in the house should stay in the same place.

Instead of using Air conditioner and Air cooler, we use ventilation by using many windows. we can get natural breeze air as well as good air to breathe. Not only for getting good air as well as getting the sunlight also. So we need to plant more trees around our house.

Instead of using Washing machine drier, we can used to dry our wet clothes with the help of heat of the sun rays. Instead of using Refrigerator, we can buy the things like fruits and vegetables fresh. It is advisable to have the foods fresh cooked. If we kept the food things in the refrigerator, it is equal to the stale food. It is not good for our health. By following up, we can save the electric energy. Another way to save electric energy, we can also use the solar panel. Solar panel is the only way to obtain solar energy which is one of the natural resources.

Not only to save water and electric energy, we need to waste the food. we can feed the waste food to the animals which excess in the house. Suppose the fruits and vegetables are getting rotten, we used as fertilizer for plants. Also we reduce to use paper, pencil and other stationary items. Because these things produced by the plants. By reducing to use these items, we can save more trees. Every citizen feel our responsibilities, do our work properly not only to make our house prosperous as well as our planet Earth. we united together and work together to make our home and our planet evergreen.

Somu listened everything whatever Ramu told. At that moment their parent came, they was astonished. They awarded their sons. All of them felt happy and lived happily.

Thank you for reading this story.

Have a nice day.


S. Divyesh Muthu.

III - C Sec

Dr. Dasarathan International School

Coimbatore - 641017.

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