Save Earth! Being Magical or Responsible???

Long Long ago, in the magical land of Sinuva there lived two best friends, Sarah and Veer. Sarah and Veer have heard so many magical stories from their neighbourhood. But they have never witnessed a magic themselves.

One day, Sarah and Veer went for a stroll to a nearby park. It was summer holidays for both of them. In the park, they met few other friends. They all played along happily. They also discussed about the litter spread across the park. They were really worried to see people throwing chocolate and biscuit wrappers on the floor without trashing them.

It was getting dark and they all started back home. But Sarah and Veer wanted to be together for somemore time. So they both decided to play at Sarah's home.

After reaching home they wanted to play with the toys. Sarah's mom had cleaned home that day and placed all her toys in attic. They went in search of toys to the attic. To their surprise, they not only found the toys, but also a "Beautiful blue bottle, decorated with flowers all over and engraved with a picture of the Earth!".

Sarah tried hard and opened it. "Boom!!!" came a sound with some smoke around. "Wow!! Its a Genie" awed both of them in the surprise. They couldn't believe their eyes. In a fraction of seconds, the Genie stood near them and asked "Hello.. Sarah and Veer!! now that you invoked me, you can ask me three wishes".

Remebering their discussions at the park, they both said in a chorus, "Dear Genie our three wishes would be to Save soil, Save water and to Save trees, so that we can protect Earth!!!".

Hearing this the Genie smiled and then said "It could be done with my magic, but the wishes which you both want now can be achieved with Responsibility from every individual on this planet, so that it stays forever and not for this magical moment alone". Genie also said "I will teach you how to do it! Ok?"

They both cheered and got ready. Genie started explaining. First he said, "To save soil you should not throw plastic here and there. But trash them and recycle them how much ever possible. You should educate farmers to stop using hazardous pesticides and fertilizers that kill beneficial microorganisms, but use organic fertilizers."

Next he said, "To Save water, you should stop polluting it with untreated industrial and home waste. You should try to harvest rain water at home and school. Never forget to close taps after using toilet."

Finally he said, "To Save trees, you should plant saplings near your home and school, water them, protect them till they nurture into a tree. Educate the benefits of trees as they are the natural-oxygen reservoirs, incase if you see someone trying to cut down trees".

Sarah and Veer thanked the Genie for all the tips he gave. They also promised that they will follow Genie's instructions, educate family and friends to be responsible and make everyday a Happy Earth day!!

By Mahadevi.S

511 words


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