My Three Wishes

On one beautiful evening, I was walking alone, thinking about How to save the earth?. That time, I saw an old lamp dirty on the road. I rubbed the lamp with my hands to clean it. Suddenly, I saw a genie appear in front of me and said, "Since you released me from this trap, I would like to extend my thanks by granting 3 wishes to you." But it must all be to save our earth.

I was thinking deeply and I asked for my first wish. "Genie everyone in this world must not do deforestation we must all plant trees. The Genie thought and said, "Why? I said we must plant trees to get good quality oxygen. Further I started to explain to Genie. Do you know one thing: you are also dependent on oxygen? “Why do I need oxygen?” Genie said. Further, I said “Ok Genie” I will give a demo and prove why you also need oxygen? Please close your nose and mouth for 2 minutes. Genie said That's it!. Just for 2 minutes like a kid. Yes, but don't under estimate my task just do it. Now the Genie closed his mouth and nose and said, "You are correct." We can't live without oxygen and oxygen is precious than Treasure, telling this  Genie granted my first wish.

The genie reminded me to ask for my second wish. I expressed My second wish is that you bless all the humans "to save water". The Genie asked, "Why do we need to save water?" I said, "Wait I will take you to a place !" and then you will come to know the importance of water. After a few minutes, we both reached the big desert. There was a small pond, and I said, just focus on the water. It gradually reduced after some time, there was no more water in the pond. All the fish in the pond were dead. The genie was, alas! He asked what happened? Later, I explained that these small fish can't live without water, and they died. We humans must need water, otherwise one fine morning, you will also die! Genie realized and granted this wish.

"Speaking with you is a really interesting time in my life, "Tell me your last wish" Genie said. I said, “ I want RRR”. Surprisingly, Genie asked, "Are we going to watch a new movie?"  Genie? No, I did not mean that, I meant Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. This reduces the garbage in the world. If we do so, we will get a good healthy earth and environment to live in. Without any doubt in my wish, the Genie granted it! The Genie said, "When I was a baby, I saw the Earth beautiful!" Now I am surprised to see the Earth worst like this! I think your wish may turn the Earth back to its origin. Thank you! It's nice to meet you once again! Genie disappeared with a satisfied mind.

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