Imagine you were me

chop! Chop! went the sound of the trees being cut. It was the regular sound every Monday morning when there is a rush for wood. Well, I think the people who cut trees dozed off in class when the teacher said "Save the trees!". I long to say to them to stop their habit of cutting trees but I'm afraid they'll put me in jail. But something extra extra ordinary happened today! Well, today wasn't the usual chop chop. Today was a chop chop AIEEEE! and that AIEEEE! made me jump out of bed and hit the ceiling. I opened the window and looked outside. The cut-tree people were cowering near the window and a tree was speaking through a crack the cut-tree people had made. The tree was saying, " What are you doing? Don't you know I'm a living thing too?" Nobody said anything. It continued. "Imagine you were me! Being chopped into pieces and used for making paper, cooking, furniture and what not! I am just a poor tree. I can't even move myself from trouble. And have you ever stopped to consider this?" One of the cut-tree people shook his head."Well," said the tree, "you have forgotten climate change! Good old earth would indeed be very sad if it would lose its beauty and its inhabitants! Yes! That means no animals! No birds! No trees! No HUMANS! And have you EVER CONSIDERED THIS?!" The cut-tree people began to shake slightly. By now I was on Team Trees side, so in my brain I was cheering "GO trees! GO trees! Show them who's wrong!" The tree was indeed having an effect on the cut-tree people. I guess humanity didn't have a talking tree before to tell them that they were ending the world. Anyway, the tree continued,"I know that the answer is no. You humans are killing yourselves! Trees absorb carbon dioxide, but when you cut us trees, carbon dioxide will increase! The ice caps will melt! The oceans and seas will engulf the land! One of you humans said "health is more important than wealth". I don't think you are all following that saying." The cut-tree people finally understood what they were actually doing. They gulped. " To stop all this from happening," the tree said solemnly "will you promise that you will take care of the environment?". The cut-tree people said "Yes" and I felt my heart leap. The tree said, "You can start by fixing my crack."

Since then, things have changed. People were watering plants. Birds were given grains to eat. Bunnies were given carrots. I smiled. Finally, people have started to care about the environment.

The end.

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