I thought it was a truce

I wish there was a cold compress 40,000 kilometres long. The rains used to help a bit but the sulphur and nitrous oxides now scald my skin. The blanket of greenhouse gases is too thick
these days. Clouds were enough to cool me when Uncle Sun was a little too euphoric but kept me warm when it was past his bed time.

I’m losing so many friends these days. The trees, beavers and fish are becoming martyrs, for absorbing carbon and protecting me. Life’s so unfair!  Oh, how I miss the sprays of water the leaves would send out every day, everywhere. Coal, Oil and Natural Gas need to limit their convenience. I’m choking on carbon dioxide these days with every plant being burned or torn down, not to
forget the stink of methane erupting through landfills of garbage.

This fever causes fires burning like acid through me. Droughts are so itchy and my skin is cracked like a desert. The buckets are not holding the rain which knocks on the door so unexpectedly, flooding wet water all around.

Every wind mill or solar panel set up brightens up my day. Normal families making use of recycling bins or little children digging compost pits for leftovers leaves a smile on my face. Cycles are good for keeping fit as well, you know, other than travelling on them, which makes a big difference to my health. More houses should move to low energy lights, instead of just showing them off on Diwali or Christmas. Do you really need to use electricity to keep your gigantic, polluting, waste producing
houses cozy or cool? Insulation is a thing as well, which the ancients applied in my younger days. Ugh, another green park being built on.

Humans just don’t get it. I thought it was a truce. They need me, I need them. I take care of them, they should take care of me too. I cherish all the Greta Thunbergs and David Attenboroughs, who are speaking up to collect funds for my treatment. I would have been a much better, cleaner, supportive and less grumpy ambience if I reserved more well- deserved attention. Other creatures respect me and realize I’m the only thing they all have common. I think I’m beginning to love them more. I’m beginning to lose my patience, am about to boil with anger and heat. Creator, are you listening? Help me.

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