How I can save my home
Aditya Krishnan

We keep our house safe from those harmful effects going on other homes by using these tips:

ACs are always kept on till it is cool enough. That is because we have to conserve energy. The natural air is turned into artificial air.If this process goes on, it is a waste of electricity.

Fridge doors are always kept closed. If open, it should be there for max 2 minutes for heavy groceries and 1 minute for light groceries. The reason is that cooling loss starts as cold air rushes out. Most futuristic convertible fridges have a door open timer inside. This is usually set for 1 minute. If the timer runs out, beeps come from the fridge indicating it is time to close.

Ovens are a waste of electricity, and should rest in between foods. If you cook food for more than an hour, the oven will require a lot of radiation, and this will waste electricity. To prevent this, cook it in the solar cooker.

All electronic gadgets should be turned off when not in use, such as laptops, mobiles etc.

Lastly, lights should be kept off at day and curtains should be kept open at all times.

Thank you.

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