Genie and Me
Deeksha Anil Kumar

I was walking past a dump. From far it looks like a huge mountain. Coming near you get the stench of the garbage. Birds were circleing above the dump. Muttering under my breath, I was cursing humans on how we were polluting the Earth. l was in the process when i saw a bottle which was having shimmering lights. Restraining my curousity, I went on my way to the school.

After a tiring day at the scool, I saw the same bottle lying there. I couldn't control my curosity now. Picking the bottle up, I removed the cork. What happened next took my breath away. Colorful clouds of mist came out and then a genie emerged. I was still in awe when the gennie questioned me.

"Dear human, what is your name?"

"Adrinne" I manged.

"I heard you cursing the humans on polluting Earth, isn't ?"


"Well then I grant you any 3 wishes to save the Earth" He boomed

I said," I need some time to think"

He granted me that.

Completing my homework, I started to think about the genie's proposal. I thought the first wish would be to make people educated. Because educated people would be aware of the crisis we are facing and strive to eradicate those. At dinner, I aksed my parents wether this was true. They totally agreed with me and gave an explanation along with it. I wrote this in a piece of paper.

While sleeping, I got a dream. In the dream I saw hunters chasing an animal. Ithought they were tribal people. but then I saw they were illeal poachers. I woke up with a start and wrote this wish too.

Next morning while brushing my teeth, I was thinking that all the humans negative effects on the planent should stop or reduce. Writing this down, I promptly went to the dump and told my wishes. The genie granted those wishes and I am waiting for tommorow for the wishes to come to effect.

331 words


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