I opened my eyes. It was all DARK and BLEARY. I saw round balls rotating. They looked just like ME. I too was round, blue and green and brown and swirly white.

It was all new. But soon, I got to know all the planets, asteroids, the Sun and his fiery breath and the Comets who came and went. I made friends with the STARS and the MOONS. Jupiter has ever so many Moons, that its hard to remember their names!

I slowly learnt about the ways of the universe.

Meanwhile, I underwent some CHANGES . Some were for good, others weren't...

Microbes, animals, plants, insects, fish, birds and flowers evolved. Not to mention the GIANT dinosaurs and mammoths! They brought me happiness, responsiblity and a new meaning of life.

After many evolutions and eradications of species,

the Homo Sapiens came. At first, I was excited and surprised at their intelligence and skill. They developed from great apes to become today's modern humans.

Alas! But then came my problems...

Deforestation, lurking industries and the ever-spreading pollution- Atishoooo!- just to name a few of them. CO2 and global warming are creeping up like monsters. Greenhouse gases are suffocating me! They are threats to me and to all the life that I carry.

All these affect my climate!!!

The glaciers melt, flooding me down!

Sadly, trees are sliced and animals are endangered -all because of climate change and habitat loss.

I'm angry! I'm sad! I'm scared! And I'm confused!

I don't wnat to become another barren Mars or hot Venus or poor banished Pluto!

Humans have a major part in this chaos. Their vehicles, power plants, burning wastes and fossil fuels are the worst!

Poor Ozone has been having a hard time too. Hungry toxins from Refrigerators and ACs are eating away at him and my atmosphere.

Oil drilling and mining cause CO2 and methane to spring out!