Diary Of Planet Earth

It has been an unmistakably long time since I was created. As time passes, I have had a lot of inhabitants, including those tiny trilobites and the vicious dinosaurs. I sure had a lot of other ones! Some of them were those furry mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers. Yes, I had a whole lot of inhabitants, but none as troublesome and destructive as the humans.

When they first came to live on me, these humans seemed like normal inhabitants and properly adhered to the laws of nature like all other creatures on me. They ate what they got and slept wherever there was space. Then I don’t know what came over them, they started using new techniques to live. These methods may have helped them, but they polluted me badly.

Not only me, but the lifestyle of other animals was also evidently affected. I was getting annoyed now!! Nobody has ever broken the laws of nature other than these humans. Slowly, they went polluting me more and more, and turning more ignorant of their heartless acts as time passed by. Then we have the greenhouse effect. That effect has been producing a burning effect on me!

It occurs when something on me ( mostly made by humans ) produces CO2 and it mixes with the air. All of it forms a layer near the atmosphere. Then, when the sun’s rays try to reach me they get through the layer. But that is where the problem is. They can get through, but when they do, they lose part of their energy in me. They are not strong enough to leave and are stuck below my atmosphere.

This infuriating effect is making me hotter and hotter, and is certainly having the same effect on my temper. Seriously though, do you have any idea how big a part of the ice in me has melted due to this sudden change in my climate? Certainly a lot! And did those humans even bother that all that melted ice that’s now water can flood their cities? Obviously not!

And did they even stop for a second to wait and think clearly that they are using up way more than their share of the world’s energy and resources? Very much not! They destroyed so many of my ocean’s beautiful corals and hunted so many fish.They brought so many species to extinction due to their hunting. And you have no idea how many of my beautiful, green forests they slashed down with their awful machines, just like that!

On top of that, they built buildings in my forests’ places. It’s just so sad. But I am sure Nature will take some pity on me and bring those humans back to their rightful places. I sure hope she does that soon, because I’m getting hotter and hotter, and I don’t know how much I can stand. My seas are drying up pretty fast too. I don't know if I will last even a million years more.

Thanks for listening, Diary!



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