Diary Entry Number. 49

Thursday, 12 May, 2022

Dear Diary,

It has been a long time since I wrote in you. I wanted to fill you in about what has happened in the past centuries. Remember the new species of monkeys I saw? Well, they evolved and turned out to have a big brain. They beat the world's most ferocious animals. They started using what I provided. For the first few centuries, everything went well. But now, during the past few decades, they have made so much progress! I know it is all very fascinating. They made a thing called computers. It could do anything, even mathematics! But for me, humans are a threat. I will end as my siblings, where no life can exist. They do not know species very similar to them made those planets inhabitable. Climate is changing drastically. They call it global warming. Yes, I am warming up. I might end up as Venus or Mercury. But I do not care for myself, I care for the animals and plants I hold. What will happen to them.

The glaciers are melting and flooding many small streets and towns. Not to mention the forests and jungles drowning with them. Many animal species have become extinct. The plants are also decreasing. The deserts are now hotter than ever. I had no choice. I had to unleash my secret weapon - corona. The sun gifted it to me long ago. The climate has become stable now. But, do not think global warming's rule has ended. For it is rising again. I must go now keep a lookout for wrongdoers. Like the people who cut trees for no reason. I punish them with earthquakes and other things they think is a calamity.


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