Zaara Samreen


I always enjoy visiting my grandma’s home town during
my  holidays. She bakes chocolate cakes
for me. Another attraction for me is the beautiful lake near her house. The
lake surrounded by l green trees is a picnic spot for the public who enjoy
swimming in the lake . Me and my cousin, Meera, run to the lake, build sand castles
, drench our feet in the cool and clear waters .

This summer when I went, I was shocked to see my favorite lake.
The water has changed color, the surface of the water was filled with floating
bottles and plastic waste and still people were throwing the trash .  Pained to see my lake being polluted, I asked
the people not to throw the trash and spoil the beauty of our lake.

Some of the boys laughed at me and said “Hehe… what will
happen if we throw some trash in the lake? 
 Is it your personal lake?  Don’t act smart ...”

Me and my cousin Meera approached  the security.

“Uncle, Can you stop these people from throwing the trash
into the lake? “

The security stared at us.

“Kids,  These people will make trouble...They may even snatch your golden chain. Now, both of you go and play.”

We felt sad. Suddenly I got an idea. I told Meera to assist
me in carrying out my plan.  We both went near the lake and took a dip in the water.  

The next second, I pretended to cry.

“Oh .. God, my golden chain has gone in the lake.  Please can someone help me? “

Some people came to us and asked us about the value of the chain.

Meera told them “It is worth more than one lakh ... Mother
will surely beat us “ 

Some men went inside the water. As the news spread, many
more joined to find the golden chain. As more and more people jumped into the lake, they brought out empty bottles, plastic bags, ice cream cones, food boxes, but not the golden chain. 

We watched the scene with satisfaction. Finally our lake is
getting cleaned . The chain was safe inside my pocket.

The security guard yelled loudly.

“See gentlemen… What type of treasure you are throwing into
our lake …? See those trash. You all swim in this dirty water every day. You
pollute the lake and get all types of diseases. 

The people around felt ashamed and promised the security
that they will now on be more careful.

The security old man called me.

“Child don’t worry. I will inform your mother. Go home now.
When the golden chain is found I will come and hand over.  You lost your chain, but our lake was cleaned.

Meera and I walked back home slowly but with greater

I turned back and looked at the lake.

It was as if the lake was telling me “Thank you.” with  sparkling
 and clean water.


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